Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Utkatasana is known by many other names as well, Chair Pose, Hazardous Pose, Fierce Pose, Awkward Pose, Bikram Yoga, Wild Pose, and Lightning Bolt Pose.

It is quite easier to sit on a chair; even most of us spend hours working or relaxing on that. But what if you have to sit on an imaginary chair? Indeed, the situation is going to be quite challenging. Utkatasana is all about sitting on an imaginary chair. There is no doubt to say that it is a powerful or intense pose and your body demands lots of efforts to maintain this posture.


Stand straight and raise your hands forward in mid-air. The palms should face down on the floor. Now slowly bend your knees forward and sit on your feet. Remember to not allow your heels to be on the ground and that you sit only on your feet- this is a very important step. Stay in this position for around a minute, hold out your hands in the same position; now lower down your heel on the floor and rise up and stand on your legs.

Repeat this yoga exercise for five to ten times.

Tips before you do Utkatasana Yoga:

It is important to perform this yoga pose with an empty stomach. Prefer to do it after emptying your bowels in the morning. Experts recommend taking meals almost 4 to 6 hours before doing this asana so that your body can have enough energy to perform this pose.

Although, this pose provides so many health benefits. But there are few health conditions for which Utkatasana Yoga is not recommended. It is important to avoid practicing Utkatasana Yoga if you are suffering from any of these health issues:

  • Damaged ligaments
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Sprained ankle
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Low blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Menstruation cycle
  • Shoulder injury
  • Lower back pain

Beginners may find this pose little difficult to follow so the best idea is to start with the support of a wall. Prefer to stand at a distance of few inches from the wall so that when you bend, your tailbone can touch the wall for support.

While practicing this pose, your body will seek stamina and strength. It also needs a sense of stability throughout the session. As you start practicing this pose, your body will need to maintain resistance from gravity and to do this it requires the higher strength of quadriceps. Note that, quadriceps are the biggest muscles of the human body. When this muscle is tuned to proper health and strength, it can naturally help to combat knee problems. While performing Utkatasana Yoga, try to be gentle with your bones when you lower your body down to form the posture. The routine practice of this pose can strengthen up immune health while supporting joint health so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It can also help to boost determination of mind with a great sense of balance between physical and mental health.


This is a very effortless and beneficial asana. It is beneficial for women too. With this asana you can remain immune to indigestion, disinterest, afara, constipation and other stomach disorders. It also strengthens the spine; arthritis, sciatica and other leg problems are eliminated. The body remains energized at all times and your appetite increases. Since the legs are reinforced by this asana, you do not experience any difficulty in walking and running.

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