Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

As its name indicates, this asana resembles a triangle like a shape. The name is actually derived from the Sanskrit language where Trikona means Triangle and asana mean Posture. So it is also known as Triangle Pose Yoga.

This asana is effective enough to stretch muscles and can improve bodily functions while boosting physical as well as mental health. The biggest difference between most other asana and Trikonasana is that here person needs to keep eyes open to maintain an appropriate balance of the body.

Things to know before your practice Trikonasana:

Same as other yoga poses, this pose must be practiced empty stomach with empty bowels. The best idea is to maintain a gap of at least 4-6 hours beet practice session and meal. It will allow your body to digest the food accurately and you can have desired strength and energy to perform this asana.


Stand erect. Maintain some distance between your legs. The hands must be kept straight. Now, bend your spine in such manner that the body above the waist bend on your right. Lift your left hand up and bend in the right along with your upper-body; and push your right hand down toward your ankle.

Remain in this position for around a minute. Thereafter repeat the exercise for the left side. Repeat the entire exercise for around ten times.

Precautions for performing Trikonasana:

  • If you are suffering neck pain issues, it is not good to look upward while performing Trikonasana. You can simply continue by looking straight while maintaining even positions on both sides of your neck.
  • Those who suffer from the high blood pressure problem are advised to look down while doing Trikonasana.
  • People who are suffering from heart conditions can practice this yoga pose with the support of wall and can place the top arm on the hip to maintain a relaxing posture that cannot cause trouble to your heart.
  • In case if you are suffering from headaches, diarrheas, or low blood pressure, try to avoid this asana.

If you are ignoring the lower half of the body for a long time and now it feels disconnected; Trikonasana is the best solution to gain back the actual strength and power of your lower body. This asana works on three important factors, evenness, stability and expansion. It improves stability and strength in feet and legs. When practitioner stretches arms and legs this pose help to create evenness in the whole body.

Trikonasana works for balancing torso, arms, and body and when these elements gain desired balance, your mind starts gaining steadiness and evenness. It leads to an inward awareness and person can enjoy the healthy and improved lifestyle. This pose can improve flexibility in the spine while providing relief from back tension. It also promotes good digestion and health of abdominal organs. Experts also consider it important yoga pose for reducing anxiety and stress.


Trikonasana is a very simple exercise which even women can do without difficulty. The entire body becomes slender and also reinforces the spine. The waist, spine and the neck become slender. The chest expands and reduces the size of your waist. It helps reduce obesity and unwanted fat stored in the body.

By doing this asana one does not suffer from back-ache and other climate related illnesses such as cold and cough.


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