In the Sanskrit language, the term Supta defines Reclined, Vajara stands for Thunderbolt and Asana means Pose. Hence, Supta Vajarasana is widely known as Reclined Thunderbolt Pose. This yoga pose is dedicated to digestive health and at the same time, it helps to build stamina.

Note that Supta Vajarasana is the advanced version of Vajarasana in which the higher body is reclined in backward position so that the rear portion of the body rests on the ground. At the final phase of this asana, the arms rest over the surface with palms facing upward direction.

Experts reveal that Supta Vajarasana also has some minor variations such as One Legged Reclined Fastened Firm Pose that is also known as Eka Pada Supta Vajarasana and Half Reclined Fastened Firm Pose that is also named as Ardha Supta Vajarasana. If you are facing some health issues related to the intestine or gastrointestinal system, prefer to combine Supta Vajarasana with Pawan Mukta Asana, it will provide you fast relief from all health issues.


Sit in Vajarasana. Very slowly move backward until your back touches the floor. If the body is not steady while going backward, take the support of your elbows and then continue going down. Lift your head and stretch it backwards in such manner that the tip of your head touches the floor. With the support of your hands, raise your stomach and back in the shape of a bow. Keep your knees on the floor and breathe normally.

Remain in this position for five minutes. Then pull yourself up and rest for few seconds and repeat the asana again for three times.

Benefits of Supta Vajarasana:

  • Supta Vajarasana is capable enough to improve the strength of spinal nerves while making the rear portion of body versatile and well aligned. This asana has a direct impact on shoulder muscles, neck nerves, parathyroid and thyroid glands.
  • This asana helps to massage the abdominal organs so that person can receive better treatment for digestive ailments as well as constipation.
  • This yoga pose stretches the ribcage and ensures the higher performance of lungs and respiratory system.
  • The reclined thunderbolt pose improves confidence level and temperament level of the person.
  • This yoga pose is useful enough for treating respiratory disorders as well as respiratory organ ailments.
  • It improves the strength of legs with enhanced flexibility so that person can sit for meditation without facing trouble.
  • Experts believe that this pose improves mental health so that person can enjoy enhanced brain ability with improved intelligence.
  • Supta Vajarasana helps to regulate the operation of adrenal glands while improving the health of male and female reproductive system.
  • Practitioners can achieve great relief for aggression, anger, and stress by practicing this asana.
  • It improves the health of the nervous

Supta- Vajarasana exercises the spinal cord, the nerves and muscles of the spine and stomach and the pelvic region. It reduces back-ache and infertility in women. This simple exercise is extremely beneficial to people suffering from piles. The rest of the benefits are similar to those of Vajarasana.

                 Supta-Vajarasana can be done immediately after meal. It is very helpful in preventing the process of aging early. Supta-Vajarasana can be considered as the ultimate stage of Vajarasana.

This asana must be avoided by Yoga practitioners that are suffering asthma attack as well as by those facing acute pain in knees and lumbar spine area. In case if you recently had an abdominal or knee surgery then also this asana is not suitable for you.

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