In Yoga, there are numbers of easy to do poses but they are quite powerful. One of the highly rated poses in the list of beginner poses is Siddhasana that is also named as Perfect Pose. This asana was originally used by Yogis at an ancient time for long-term meditation and the effective breathing exercises.

As per the Hatha Yoga guidelines, Siddhasana is one of the unique yoga poses and its name is also inspired by the Sanskrit language where Siddha means Perfect and Asana means Pose. This pose actually refers to the people that are believed to be spiritually enlightened. Practicing siddhasana in routine will help you to step ahead of that perfection in life.

The experts in the Yoga world believe that Siddhasana can help a person to master the ultimate bliss. Studies reveal that it takes almost 12 years to achieve the actual perfection of Samadhi. People who perform Siddhasana in routine are able to maintain a higher balance between spirit, mind, and body.

Instructions: Sit on the floor; bring your left heel to the groin area (perineum) and place your right leg on your left thigh. Sit in this position for fifteen minutes.

Things to know before you practice Siddhasana:

People who are suffering from a knee injury or sciatica are not the right candidates to practice Siddhasana. It should also be avoided by those who are suffering hip injury. Do not force your body to sit in this asana, it should be done with a calm and relaxing state of mind. In case if you have any medical health issue, prefer to consult doctors prior to performing this asana.

Practicing Siddhasana will help your body to achieve the deeper state of meditation but it must be practiced with right alignment. The best idea is to consult professionals for accurate guidelines to follow this pose. Also, it is good to change leg cross after some time while holding the pose on both sides for the same length of time. Practice this asana with an empty mind and do not overdo. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to hold for few seconds as well but with time it will start bringing more peace of mind.

Siddhasana is capable enough to strength ankles, knees, and hips. This asana can also improve the strength of core muscles including the back and abdomen area. Siddhasana also works for regulating the production of hormones in the human body so that reproductive system related diseases can be prevented. This asana is capable enough to stabilize sexual energy and prepare your body for deep meditation.

Benefits Of Siddhasana :

This asana calms your mind and soul and helps in meditation. Siddhasana is very beneficial in piles and other anal and genital-related health issues.

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