Shashankasana or hare Pose.

In Sanskrit language, Shashank means Moon and Asana stand for Pose. In other terms, Shash stands for Hare, Ank represents Lap so Shashankasana is also named as Hare Pose.

Shashankasana has many names in Yoga; experts also call it Balasana, Child’s Pose, Rabbit Pose or Hare Pose. The final position of this yoga pose appears like the posture of rabbits that is why it is well known as rabbit pose. This asana provides a calming effect on body and mind. The person who practices Shashankasana in routine is capable enough to get rid of all the stress, anxiety and depression.


Sit in Vajarasana and keep your hands on your thighs. Gradually inhale and lift your hands up, and keep them close to the ears. Now start exhaling and in the same position bend forward until your forehead touches the floor. Exhale as much as possible and remain in Bahya-Kumbhaka (pause after exhaling). Resume inhaling at a snail’s pace, come back in the original position and move your hand down.

Relax for a minute and repeat the asana for five times.

Things to Know before your practice Shashankasana:

In order to perform this asana safely, it is important to pay attention to some essential precautions. When you are in the final pose of Shashankasana, it is important to ensure that your buttocks are touching heels. Many beginners try to practice Shashankasana by lifting their buttocks so that they can touch the ground but as per actual procedure, buttocks should not be lifted and body must be strained only up to its normal capacity. Don’t pose additional stress on your body for stretching during the final phase of this pose.

People that are already suffering from some health issues such as a slipped disc, knee problems, high blood pressure and vertigo are advised to avoid Shashankasana. Pregnant and menstruating ladies should not perform this asana.

Benefits of Shashaankasana :

Shashaankasana develops the pelvic region. Provide relief in back-pain and increases resistance against liver diseases. This asana helps to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy.

Additional Benefits of Shashankasana:

  • This asana is useful for those who are in trouble due to digestive system issues such as constipation.
  • It helps to release stress from vertebrae so that person can feel healthy and energetic all the time.
  • Shashankasana helps to improve the functionality of adrenal glands.
  • Experts reveal that Shashankasana assists in stretching of back muscles and ensure more strength.
  • Males and females, both can practice this asana as it helps to improve the performance of reproductive organs.
  • Hare Pose helps practitioners to massage and tone muscles of the pelvic area and it also nourishes sciatica nerve.
  • This asana is capable enough to improve the health of parathyroid, thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes or kidney related issues, Shashankasana can provide you relief.
  • This asana improves blood supply to brain area so that person can enjoy better concentration and focus.
  • This asana can make you feel calm and relaxed all the time.

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