Instructions:  Lie down on your stomach on the floor and rest your head on your left or right cheek. Place your hands close to your body and clench your palms. The side of your thumb and forefinger should touch the floor. Join your heels together and flatten your toes on the floor. Take a deep breath and hold it while you turn your head and rest it on your chin. Remember to place a napkin on the floor to rest your chin on it.

Hold your legs straight, keep them rigid, and lift them high as per your capacity. The majority of your body weight has to be diverted on your fist. At this stage, you will experience a lot of pressure on your upper-body. Remember to keep your legs straight and do not bend nor weigh down your knees.

Sustain the posture for few seconds, hold your breath and try to keep your body firm. Now, start to exhale slowly and bring down your legs together. The time taken in order to bring your legs down to the floor should be equivalent to the time of whole exhaling process. Rest your head on one of your cheek, breathe normally, and proceed to calm down your body. After resting for six to eight seconds, repeat the complete exercise.

For the first day, this asana should be repeated only three times.  From the next day onward, Shalabhasana can be repeated four to seven times.

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