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In Sanskrit language, Sarvangasana represents a combination of three words as Sarv + Anga + Asana where Sarv means All, Anga means Parts and Asana means Pose. In English language, Sarvangasana is named as Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose. This asana is known as the mother of all yoga poses because it has a great impact on the overall functionality of the human body. Experts reveal that Sarvangasana is dedicated to bringing harmony and peace to the human body. It can resolve your lifestyle-related issues with ease by working on depression, anxiety, and stress.

Things to know before performing Sarvangasana:

Sarvangasana is performed by combining few basic and intermediate yoga poses in a sequence that includes halasana, viprit karni asana, Ardha halasana, matsyasana, and uttanpadasana. This asana is not recommended for beginners; in order to prepare your body to perform Sarvangasana, it is important to start from beginner level yoga poses, then practice the intermediate asana and finally take professional guidance to start with Sarvangasana.

There is no doubt to say that Sarvangasana has incredible health benefits and it can improve the overall functionality of the human body. But this asana also has some contraindications. Practitioners are advised to follow some cautions while performing this pose. Experts reveal that Sarvangasana should not be performed by people that are suffering from high blood pressure issue. Ladies are not advised to practice it during menstruation cycle and pregnancy. Those who are already in trouble due to spinal issues can skip this asana. In case if you have acute thyroid problems, glaucoma, shoulder injuries, chronic neck conditions and retina problems, this asana is not suitable for you. Sarvangasana should also be avoided by people who have heart issues, slip disc problems, spondylosis, weak age, capillary, and middle ear problem.


Lie down straight on your back and stare at the ceiling. The palms should face down to the floor and kept very close to your body. The heels and toes of both the legs must be close to each other. Take a deep breathe again and raise your legs, and do not stop inhaling unless your legs are vertical. Then exhale and lift your legs higher towards the sky. Once in the position, stop exhaling and resume normal breathing. It is important to remember that when you are lifting your legs even higher, keep your hands on your hips in such a manner that the hands assist in lifting your legs upwards and provide support to hold most of the weight.

Lift your body as per your capacity. Ultimately, your body should be held steady on your shoulders and your chin resting on your chest. The palms must be placed on your lower back and upper-arms and elbows on the floor close to the shoulders. Remember to keep the legs straight and close to each other. Also, the heels must be as close to each other as possible. The toes must be facing the sky. Keep your body straight and remain in this position for thirty seconds, simultaneously continue to breathe normally. Post-several practice sessions, one can remain in this posture for three minutes.

Now, bend your legs on the knees, move your hands towards your hips and slowly begin to bring your body back on the floor. The palms will provide support to the body all the time; it is important to control the body weight with your upper-arms and shoulders.

First, the hips reach the floor. Then pull down your legs towards your hips and then spread them straight on the floor and rest.

The time of your relaxation should be four times the time taken in maintaining the body on your shoulders. 

Benefits of Sarvangasana :

  • Sarvangasana¬†tones the legs, buttocks, back, and core muscles
  • This asana stretches the shoulders and improves flexibility of upper spine
  • Sarvangasana calms the brain / nervous system and helps relieve stress
  • Sarvangasana improves digestion
  • This asana massages and stimulates the thyroid, parathyroid and prostate glands thus improving metabolism
  • Sarvangasana massages abdominal organs and improves digestion
  • Sarvangasana helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • This asana flushes mucous from the lungs
  • Sarvangasana helpful in relieving asthma, hemorrhoids, hernia, and diabetes

Additional health benefits of Sarvangasana:

  • Sarvangasana is considered as the best choice for improving the function of testes, spleen, and liver, kidney, pineal, and In short, it cares for all essential glands of the human body.
  • This asana improves blood supply to head region so that person can avail fast relief from a migraine and headache.
  • People that are suffering from bad sleep problem or insomnia are advised to practice this asana in routine. It can provide fast relief.
  • Constipation patients can also practice this asana in routine to improve bowel movements.
  • This asana is also effective enough to treat several sexual disorders such as syphilis, leucorrhoea, and abortions etc.

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