Yoga is the most trustworthy technique for building good physical, mental and emotional health. It helps to tune the whole body with extreme strength and power. Professionals have defined so many Yoga poses with different techniques to perform them and each one of them has a unique impact on health. Sankatasana Yoga is considered most effective for improving body posture and spine alignment.

Many people have added Yoga to their routines as these exercises can be easily practiced at home without any special equipment or trainer. Sankatasana Yoga has become more popular within past few years; however, it is considered to be difficult than most other yoga poses. It is believed that students can easily learn and practice this asana due to better mental focus and it can help them to achieve strength training. This yoga pose is considered useful for both children and adults. This yoga technique is also beneficial for people who work continuously for long hours and feel fatigue by the end of the day. Sankatasana can fill their body with energy so that they can get ready for next day work with a positive attitude and active body. Dancers also find this pose very useful as it helps them to improve their body strength to perform difficult movements.


Stand erect. The head, neck, and spine should be straight. Keep your left leg straight and wind your right leg around it. Now gradually bend your left leg, transfer all your body weight on the left leg and sit down as you sit on a chair. Now spread your hands forward and then form them in a namaskara pose.

Thereafter repeat this asana with the other leg. Repeat this exercise five times with each leg i.e. ten times in total.


Sankatasana strengthens the spine, the legs and arms. It helps reduces the unwanted fat deposited on the hips and relaxes tired legs. This asana helps to keep away back-ache, kidney stones and hernia. This asana is very essential in fortifying the legs and the arms.

Below we have highlighted few amazing benefits of Sankatasana:

  • By practicing Sankatasana Yoga, people can avail relief from anxiety and depression.
  • It can also improve digestion and blood circulation level while boosting the performance of the immune
  • Sankatasana Yoga is an effective method to initiate a fight against obesity and overweight issue.
  • It is a powerful exercise for reducing stress levels as it improves circulation of oxygen to all body parts.
  • This yoga pose works efficiently for treatment of back pain.
  • Sankatasana Yoga is effective enough to improve balance for body, mind, and
  • It boosts mental concentration with a calming and relaxing effect.
  • Sankatasana Yoga is proven to be effective enough for building positive attitude with overall health maintenance.
  • This asana can reduce fat accumulated in the hip area while improving waist shape so that you can look thin and beautiful.
  • This pose is used to treat shivering in hands, thighs, and feet. It can also reduce weakness.
  • Sankatasana also makes knees, thighs, legs, and hands strong, powerful and healthy.
  • It can improve blood supply to leg joints and improves the strength of muscles.

This asana is also known as Shirsh-Padasana.

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