Pawan Muktasana

Pawan-Muktasana (Wind Releasing Pose)

As the name indicates, Pawan Muktasana is a combination of three Sanskrit words where Pawan means Wind, Mukta means Release/Relieve and Asana means Pose. Hence, Pawan Muktasana is also known as Wind Relieving Pose.

Experts say that this pose is capable enough to take out digestive gas out of stomach and intestine. In Yoga dictionary, this pose is also referred as One Legged Knee to Chest Pose. Human body keeps on developing gas inside with the routine action of the digestive system. When a person is able to release the pressure from the body, it naturally leads a relaxing feeling to mind, body, and spirit as well. Pawan Muktasana is a gentle reminder for human beings to heal the body in a natural manner. The best time to do this asana is right when you come out of your bed. You can gently awake your body with this asana so restore all its functions for a better day ahead.

The preparatory poses for Pawan Muktasana are Sulabh Pawan Muktasana and Ardha Pawan Muktasana where former one deals with keeping your head on the floor and the later deals with bending only one leg at a time. The follow-up pose for Pawan Muktasana is Dwi Pada Uttanpadasana.


Lie down on the floor. Keep your legs together. Now bend your right leg and bring it close to your stomach; hold your right leg with both hands and pull them as close as possible towards the stomach. The left leg must remain straight and do not allow the knees to bend. Remain in this position for two minutes and repeat the entire process with left leg.

Repeat the process with both the legs for ten times each.

Benefits of Pawan-Muktasana:

This asana is very simple and very useful for old people and women. This exercise keeps obesity away. Pawan-Muktasana is very helpful to reduce the stomach size of women who have recently delivered a baby. However, it should be attempted after one month of delivery and when the woman is not suffering from any delivery-related issues. With this exercise the rigidness of the body is reduced; tension, fatigue and breathing issues are prevented too. Pawan-Muktasana is very beneficial to them, who are mentally and physically exhausted. People in sedentary jobs experience numbness in their body. It is caused by flatulence. This asana reduces flatulence. This asana does wonders for both men and women.



Dwipada Pawan Muktasana
Dwipada Pawan Muktasana

Dwipada Pawan Muktasana


In Pawan-Muktasana, we raise only one leg and bring it close to the stomach. Whereas, in Dwipada Pawan Muktasana, bend both legs simultaneously and pull them closer to the stomach. Rest of the actions are same as Pawan Muktasana. You can remain in this position from one to ten minutes. Relax between each session and repeat for about ten times.

Note: Some yoga disciples hold their legs together while they sit and move back to the floor. This movement can be repeated many times.

Some people inhale when they are going back and exhale when they sit. This action benefits more while in Kumbhaka position.

Benefits of Dwipada Pawan Muktasana:

Dwipada Pawan Muktasana helps patients of piles and flatulence. This asana assists in reducing complaints of continuous burping, loss of appetite and indigestion. It activates the digestive system. This asana is very helpful to reduce fat and avoid exhaustion.

Things to know before performing Pawan Muktasana:

It is important to avoid this asana if you have undergone certain kind of abdominal surgery recently. Also, people that are already in trouble due to piles and hernia need not practice this asana. Experts do not recommend Pawan Muktasana for pregnant ladies and menstruating women as they do not feel comfortable doing this asana.

In case if you are suffering from certain kind of heart issues, hyperacidity, slip disc, high blood pressure, neck pain, back problems, slip disc or testicle disorders then also Pawan Muktasana is not for you. People who have some neck injury need to consult doctors before practicing this asana.

The recommended time for Pawan Muktasana is 10 to 60 seconds only. If you are a beginner, prefer to start by holding your body in the final pose of this asana for at least 10 seconds only; however, you can start increasing your time as your body starts feeling comfortable with time. This asana helps to stretch arms, lower back, and abdomen while strengthening the reproductive system, digestive system, and back pain. Beginners can practice this pose with ease but it is good to start with guidelines for supervisors.

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