Instructions: Lie down on your back on the floor and keep your legs close to each other. Your hands should be pointing upwards, near your head. In one quick movement, raise your hands up and pull your torso into a sitting position. Try to bend forward and hold the toes with your hands. Proceed to touch your left knee with your nose. While trying this, do not bend your knees, and keep your hands and legs stretched and straight. If pulling yourself upwards in one quick movement is proving to be little tricky then you can sit down and bend, instead of lying on the floor. At first, try to touch your left leg with your left hand and right leg with your right hand. If in the first trial you are not able to touch your legs, just stretch your hands as far as you are able to. After regular tryouts, if you are able to touch your legs with your hands only then proceed to try holding your toes. When finally you are able to hold your toes, try to bring your nose close to the knee.

When you are ultimately in Paschimottanasana posture, inhale and exhale gradually. While touching your nose on your knees, the head should be in between your hands and your hands must be stretched. Hold your toes for five to eight seconds.

Thereafter, release your toes, and place your palms downwards on your legs and pull them back towards your thighs. Slide them from the feet towards the thighs with each hand constantly in touch with the respective leg.

After one complete cycle of the exercise, relax for ten seconds, later take a deep breath and resume the exercise. This asana should be repeated only three times.

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