Parvatasana (Mountain Pose) 

Yoga practices involve numbers of asanas and each one of them has individual pros and cons. Here we are going to talk about Parvatasana; this word is derived from two different words of Sanskrit language; Parvat means Mountain and Asana mean Pose. This is why this pose is also named as Mountain Pose.

Anyone can perform this simple and basic yoga pose with ease and as soon as you complete it, the amazing effects will be realized. This pose helps to release stress and improves mental as well as the physical performance of the body.

Things to know before performing Parvatasana:

Although there is no specific rule about when this asana should be performed, it is beneficial to practice it in the morning hours so that you can enjoy a refreshed state of body and mind throughout the day. If you feel stressed in the office due to workload, you can also practice this yoga in breaks to re-energize your body. Many experts also prefer to practice this yoga pose right before beginning exercises as it helps to warm up your body and it can also be performed after an exercise session to lead the calming action in the body.


Sit in Padmasana. Both the heels must be placed in the mid-pelvic region. Now slowly inhale and expand your chest; and raise your hands in the air. Keep your thumbs near to each other. Your back must be upright. After a minute in this position, lower down your hands on the knees, remember to breathe out all this while. Thereafter relax in Padmasana for twenty seconds. Some join hands in namaskara, when the hands are mid-air or even cross their fingers in each other; while others lift their hips in the air and hold their bodies on the knees. This is somewhat hard to do.

Repeat the asana for ten times.

Benefits of Parvatasana :

Parvatasana reinforces the lungs and solves all the breathing abnormalities. Hence, there is no risk of pleurisy. It helps expand your chest and the heart remains disease –free. The muscles and nerves of the back become strong and slender. Reduces the risk of arthritis and eliminates intestinal worms.

Additional health benefits of Parvatasana:

  • This asana helps to stretch the whole body so that blood circulation can be improved. It naturally makes you feel healthier and happier.
  • Parvatasana is capable enough to reduce mental fatigue by improving blood circulation to brain area. Hence, a person can enjoy higher concentration level and memory ability. This asana is more suitable for students and office employees to improve their performance.
  • It helps to improve alertness and attentiveness in the body so that person does not feel bored or sleepy during work hours.
  • This asana can improve mental efficiency to a great extent and it makes practitioners feel more optimistic.
  • This yoga pose helps to strengthen up every muscle of the body ranging from head to toe so it is often recommended to sportsmen and athletes.
  • Parvatasana is capable enough to prevent chances of muscle injuries by improving their tone and strength.
  • People who are suffering from neck pain and back pain find Parvatasana more useful to get fast relief.
  • This asana can treat severe respiratory problems including asthma.
  • Parvatasana is efficient to treat joint pains. Experts recommend it for getting relief from arthritis, rheumatic stiffness, and carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • It can also contribute to weight loss process.

Post-natal stomach can be reduced with the help of this asana. This asana is extremely beneficial to women.

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