There are many asanas that are performed in sitting position, majority of them require an individual to sit in Padmasana in the beginning, hence it is only obvious that we learn about this asana before we proceed to try others.

Instructions: On flat surface or floor, roll out a blanket or a mat, or even on grass, and sit. Now, lift your left leg and place it on your right thigh. In this position, sit straight, keeping your spine erect, place your hands on your knees or rest them in a shape of a bowl and keep them in between your thighs. Thereafter, think of your Ishtdev (deity of your choice)

Continue being in this position for five to ten minutes.

During some initial attempts, this asana proves to be slight hard for people on heavier side, but with regular trials and willingness you will overpower these difficulties soon.

Benefits: Padmasana helps you to have a strong spine and also makes your lower-back’s nerves and blood vessels flexible and reinforced. This enhances digestive process which helps steer clear of constipation, arthritis, filaria and also elephantiasis. It also helps to soften muscles. Meditating on the spot right in the centre of both brows assists mind in improving concentration.


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