Here is one of the easiest yoga pose for beginners. Padangusthasana is also known as Big Toe Pose and it can be performed with ease by all entry-level enthusiasts. The name is derived from three words, Pada Means Feet, Angustha means thumb and hasta means hand. This asana is capable enough to stretch muscles from toe to head so it is useful for improving the health of the whole body. This improved flexibility makes a person able to enjoy an active lifestyle while maintaining energy in the whole body throughout the day. Those who are suffering with blood pressure, can practice this pose in routine so that blood pressure can be regulated.

Things to know before you perform padangusthasana:

Like all other Yoga Poses, Padangusthasana must be performed on an empty stomach after releasing bowels. The best advice is to maintain a gap of around 4 to 6 hours to practice Padangusthasana so that food can be well digested and your body can have desired energy level to perform this asana.

Beginners may find it little difficult to hold their toes while maintaining a straight posture of knees. In order to start with desirable results, they can use yoga strap while performing this yoga pose.  Simply loop it around the arches so that you can do this pose efficiently.

As per scientific facts collected about Padangusthasana, it is capable enough to stretch all muscles ranging from toe to head. In such a way, this asana is able to create a balance for forwarding bending and backward bending. The push and pull activity also helps to relieve the pain and ease the tension from the body.


Sit down and spread your legs forward. The knees, heels and feet should be close to each other. With your hands hold your waist firmly. The thumbs of both hands should be on the back and the rest of the fingers must be in the front. Lift your right leg and place it on your left thigh and push it as close to the stomach as possible. The left feet should remain on the floor. Now bend your left leg and try to adjust your left heel in the space between the hips. Balance all of your weight on the left feet. Stay in this position for a minute and then get back to the original position. This yoga exercise can be repeated for three times.

Important Tip: Initially it is going to be little difficult to remain in this position, however with regular practice it becomes very easy to balance.


Padangushtasana gives you a strong and efficient lower-back. It is very effective for the brain too. This asana controls the occurrence of wet-dreams and improves semen viscosity. This exercise controls your excess sexual desire.

Additional Benefits of Padangusthasana:

  • This asana is capable enough to provide relaxing feeling to people suffering from mild depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • It can activate kidneys and liver so that they can perform better.
  • Padangusthasana can improve the strength of thighs.
  • This yoga pose improves stimulation of reproductive and digestive system.
  • It is useful for treating menstrual and menopause disorders.
  • Padangusthasana yoga can relieve insomnia and headaches.
  • People who are suffering from diabetes should practice this pose in routine to get fast relief.
  • It can improve flexibility in the whole body so that person can stay full of energy all day long.
  • Those who often suffer nervousness are advised to practice this pose to maintain stability.
  • It can increase the breathing density by controlling inhaling and exhaling action.
  • It stretches arms, back, lower back, calf muscles, knees, and
  • Padangushtasana can improve the balance of mind and body.


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