The name Padadhirasana is taken from the Sanskrit language where Padadhira stands for Balancing of breath and Asana means Pose. Hence, this asana is also known as Breath Balancing Pose.

Experts believe that Padadhirasana is capable enough to prepare an individual to practice meditation in routine. This asana is usually practiced by most of the yogis as it helps them to make their body ready for Siddhasana as well as the Padmasana. People considered Padadhirasana a very comfortable form of yoga that can be maintained with ease for long duration meditation session. If we look on the spiritual grounds, Padadhirasana prepares one’s body for maintaining the perfect flow of prana energy. Also, this asana helps to tone abdominal muscles while boosting the state of calmness in the human body.


Sit in Vajarasana, spread your hand forward and clench your fist and place them both in your armpits; allow your hands to put acceptable amount of pressure on your chest. Close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing.

You can sit in this position for about fifteen minutes.

Things to know before performing Padadhirasana:

The preparatory poses to perform Padadhirasana are Shalabasana and Ananda Shalabasana whereas the follow-up poses include Makrasana, Shavasana, and Veerasana. Although this pose is very easy to perform, still there are few contractions about its practice. People that are suffering from knee and ankle injuries are not allowed to practice this pose. If you are pregnant but want to perform this pose, it is important to consult professionals about accurate guidelines so that pressure on abdomen area can be avoided.

Patients that are already in trouble due to intestinal ulcers or a hernia and advised to practice this pose only after consulting professionals. However, if you are suffering from spinal injuries such as slip disc etc, please should not practice this asana. In order to make your body feel comfortable to perform this asana at the beginning days, you can take help from cushions. So not overdo, rather practice as much your body allows.

Benefits of Padadhirasana:

  • People that are in trouble due to acidity can avail great relief by performing this asana.
  • It helps to improve the function of the liver.
  • Ladies find it useful to ease the labor pains and to reduce cramps during menstruation.
  • This asana works by strengthening pelvic and lower back area. It can also treat sciatica pain.
  • If you are searching for an effective treatment to get rid of belly fat, regular practice of Padadhirasana can provide you great success.
  • The breath balancing pose helps to boost the functionality of reproductive organs and can treat the urinary problems as well.
  • This pose helps to improve mental and physical balance.
  • This asana helps balance the air-flow in both the nostrils. It loosen-ups the body and provides other benefits as Vajarasana.
  • Padadhirasana is very useful in getting set for Pranayaam.

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