Pada-hastasana name is the combination of two words, Pada means feet and Hasta mean hands. This yoga pose is also known as Hand under Foot Pose in the Yoga dictionary. In order to perform this asana, a person needs to stand in inverted posture while keeping a hand under feet with a stretched motion.

Things to know before performing Padahastasana:

In case if you are suffering from certain kind of back pain, it is not good to bend your belly to do Padahastasana yoga as it may increase the pain. Those who are suffering some heart conditions or hypertension like issues are also advised to avoid this pose.

Experts advise that beginners should practice Uttasana pose before attempting Padahastasana as that is less challenging and can build your body’s strength to execute this pose at a later stage. Those who are suffering from spinal disorders such as slipped disc etc. are advised to avoid this pose as it may increase the trouble. If you are suffering from neck pain or wrist pain then also this pose is not suitable for you.

When you are going to perform this pose for the very first time, prefer to take help from professional instructor to ensure right alignment of the body.


Stand erect and bring your legs close to each other. Raise your hands as higher as possible. Keep your palms open but your fingers close to each other. Your palms should face forward. Now breathe out and along with your hands bend your body forward until you are able to hold your toes of the legs with your hands. However, do not bend your knees at all. Thereafter, inhale and slowly bring your body to its original position. Repeat this exercise for ten times.


With the practice of this asana the spine, the neck, ribs, back and legs bones fortify and muscular. Pada-Hastasana purifies the blood and regulates its circulation. The stomach contracts and the chest expand. The waist trims down and the hips become firm. Memory power increases. The liver, spleen, kidneys function appropriately. The entire body becomes energetic and agile. When done regularly, Pada-Hastasana eliminates the chances of diseases of the spine, the neck, hands, legs and lower-back. People who have big stomach should definitely try this asana. It reduces unwanted fat.

Important Tip:

Initially, it will be a bit hard to touch your toes with the hands and hence the knees could bend. People who are little obese may find it little difficult to bend down completely but with regular practice, touching the toes will become easy.

Three major benefits of Padahastasana:

Although, Padahastasana yoga can benefit several parts of your body but there are three major consideration areas that avail maximum benefits.

Digestive System:

The Padahastasana or hand to foot pose is capable enough to improve strength of abdominal organs by stimulating them. This action leads secretion of desired digestive juice so that digestive system can work efficiently. The compression caused by Padahastasana in the abdomen area enables liver and spleen to function better. Those who are suffering from bloating or gastric issues will find this pose much better to improve health.

Wrist Stretch:

While performing Padahastasana yoga, hands are kept below feet; this action stretches the outer portion of wrists. The person who performs hand to feet pose in routine rarely suffers from a wrist injury and the chances of irritation on wrist area are also reduced.

Treats Aches:

Hand to feet pose balances the heart rate while providing relief from mental and physical tension. It can also treat stomach ache. Ladies that practice Padahastasana in routine are able to get rid of abdominal and back pain during menstruation cycle. Padahastasana yoga also improves the health of nervous system while reducing fatigue and tamas.

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