Nabhi Darshanasana


In Yoga, you can find exercises to strengthen each and every part of the body and the best thing to know is that even beginners can start practicing yoga with ease. There are three basic categories of Yoga poses ranging from beginner friendly, intermediate and advanced. Those who are going to perform yoga for the very first time need to start with beginner-friendly yoga poses. In the list of easy to perform yet most effective yoga poses, Nabhi Darshanasana holds a great position.

Nabhi Darshanasana yoga pose is considered important for those who want to improve shoulder strength. However, while performing this yoga pose, shoulders need to handle body balance so it is not suitable for those who are already facing injuries in the shoulder area.

The beginning pose for this asana is savasana and then a person needs to lift the upper body slowly in an upward direction. Maximum weight of the body is carried by hands and feet during this posture so they need to have great strength to perform this pose.

Nabhi Darshanasana helps to improve digestion system so that person can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This yoga pose is considered useful for all those people who are facing troubles due to bad breath. With improve digestion; this yoga pose can easily help you to live a healthy lifestyle without facing any embarrassment due to bad breath.

If you often feel lazy in class or at the office, this yoga pose is more useful for you as it can help to improve circulation of energy so that you can feel full of life all the time. This yoga pose boosts the mood of the person as well so that he/she can enjoy quality life with a better strength of all body parts.


Sit down on the floor and spread your legs forward. Bring your hands behind your waist and keep them firmly on the floor. The fingers must be close together and pointing in the backward direction. Thereafter, raise your body above the ground with the support of your feet and hands; and then focus your eyes on the navel.

Repeat this exercise for about ten times.

Things to know before performing Nabhi Darshanasana:

Like most other Yoga poses, the best time to perform Nabhi Darshanasana is early morning. It is important to practice this yoga with an empty stomach. You can maintain a gap of around 4 to 6 hours between a meal and Nabhi Darshanasana yoga. This yoga exercise is commonly performed by males as well as females. However, it is more useful to athletes and sportsmen as it helps to improve strength for the whole body while increasing the energy level. Growing kids who are more curious to increase their height are also advised to perform this yoga as it improves muscle strength and leads efficient growth for the whole body.


Nabhi-Darshanasana strengthens the shoulders, arms, back, chest, legs and feet; also reinforces the spine. This asana helps to avoid the diseases such as diabetes, constipation, indigestion, flatulence, gastritis, bad breath etc. It helps increase height, expands your chest and makes you energetic and full of spirit.

This yoga exercise is very simple and beneficial to both men and women.

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