Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

Mayurasana as the name indicates Mayur means Peacock and Asana mean Pose is also known as Peacock Pose. The beautiful creature Peacock is considered a symbol of immortality and love. While practicing Mayurasana, person resembles the pose of a peacock with its feathers down. Although this asana appears quite difficult to beginners, but it has so many health benefits and can be mastered easily with routine practice.

Technique 1:

Lie down on your stomach on the floor. Keep your hands close to the body and bend your elbows. Now, place your palms on the floor, let all your body-weight fall on your hand, and lift your body above the floor, right from the head to your feet. Stay in this position as long as possible.

Technique 2:

Stand near a strong big table and place your hands on the table surface. Bend your elbows and keep them under the tender area on the stomach, near the navel. Let all your body-weight fall on your elbows and upper-arms, and lift your legs straight up and back.

Important Tip:

Mayurasana is a very challenging exercise; hence attempt this asana very carefully and casually. It takes around a month of regular practice to accomplish this asana.

Things to know before performing Mayurasana:

Most people believe that in order to practice Mayurasana, it is important to have strength in arms but in actual this asana demands more strength in your belly. This asana also falls into the category of advanced yoga poses and it demands your body to have huge strength and stamina to stay strong. Along with lots of strength, it is also important to have more patience because you have to do lots of practice to balance your body in the air against gravitational pull. In order to make your body ready to perform Mayurasana, you have to work on strength training of your belly, hands, and forearms. Most practitioners find this pose uncomfortable at the initial stage but with time you may realize how beneficial it is for your whole body.

Suitability of Mayurasana:

This asana is not suitable to those who are suffering from some injury in elbow, shoulder or wrist area. In case if you are facing some chronic health issues like a hernia, heart disease, high blood pressure or brain tumor etc. this asana is not for you. It is also advised avoiding practicing Mayurasana if you have nose, ear and eye infections or some problems in your intestine. Ladies should not practice Mayurasana during pregnancy and menstruation.

Note that, this asana works for deep detoxification action in the human body and helps to release all harmful toxins. In case if you feel unwell while performing this pose, prefer to release it immediately. This is an intermediate level Yoga Pose and before performing Mayurasana, one should work on Chaturanga Dandasana and Eka Pada Shirshasana. Once you are able to perform Mayurasana comfortably and your body has developed enough strength, you can look forward to practicing Dwi Hasta Bhujasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Bhujapidasana, and Balasana. The long-term practice of Mayurasana can improve balance in your body and mind while improving the overall posture. People who suffer from stress and anxiety need to practice this pose regularly to get efficient relief.

Benefits of Mayurasana :

Mayurasana helps to stay away from the diseases of the stomach. It regulates digestion, influences blood circulation in the body; helps to reduce frequency of constipation, Afaara, stomach-ache and flatulence. With regular practice of this asana, you can stay away from diabetes and also use it to cure diabetes. This asana helps the face to shine and glow.


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