Makarasana (crocodile pose)

Makarasana is the combination of two Sanskrit words where Makar means Crocodile and Asana mean pose. That is why Makarasana is also named as Crocodile Pose in Yoga dictionary. It is a simple, relaxing yoga asana that is considered beneficial for shoulder and back problems. The posture appears same as a crocodile taking rest while keeping its neck and face above the water surface. The major purpose of maker asana is to retrieve strain from the body. It is often practiced by the end of the yoga session as it helps to cool down the body. This yoga session is good for mind and body as it cleanses out the whole system so that person can feel refreshed and active.

Things to know before practicing Makarasana:

Makarasana must be practiced with an empty stomach and the best time to do this asana is early morning. There must be to have a gap of at least 3 to 4 hours between last meal and this yoga asana. Always make sure that your body feels comfortable while practicing this asana. Those who are suffering from serious back injury are advised to avoid this asana. In case if you have a neck injury, it is good to avoid any pressure on the neck area and let the yoga session go naturally. You can also use a folded blanket around the neck to ensure complete comfort and support. This asana is not recommended to people suffering from deep psychological issues and serious injuries.


Lie down on the floor on your stomach, rest your head on the floor and spread your hands in the direction of your head and as in Savasana, loosen up your body. If required, place a light pillow under your stomach.

With the support of your elbows hold your head with your palms higher, above the ground. Thereafter rest your hands and head again on the ground.

Benefits of Makarasana:

Like Savasana, this asana too relaxes and loosens up the entire body and mind. Makarasana reduces spinal disability, expands your chest and contracts your stomach. It helps in keeping away obesity. Cold, cough and bronchitis stay away from you with the help of this asana. Also, Makarasana eliminates the disorders of the knees, the stomach and Vastus muscles.

Additional health benefits of Makarasana:

  • Makarasana can provide relief from knee pain, lung disease and can also cure asthma.
  • People who are suffering from sciatica, spondylitis, and slip disc will find Makarasana very useful for pain relief.
  • This yoga pose helps to stretch hip muscles.
  • It takes away stress and tensions from mind while building a strong connection between body and mind.
  • Makarasana is capable enough to treat mental disorders, heart disease, and
  • It helps to stretch muscles from neck, chest and abdomen area while relieving aches and fatigue from these areas.
  • Crocodile pose improves breathability with a soft and calming touch.
  • This asana helps to initiate and calming action for the body.
  • Makarasana releases the tight knots from the body and makes it feel more flexible and fresh.
  • It can take away backache and other muscle pain issues.
  • Makarasana is capable enough to boost spine health.   

This asana is very beneficial to those who have incorrect postures while walking and sitting, thus keeps the spine erect.

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