Mahavirasana (Warrior Pose)

This asana is also known as Maruti Asana and this posture is inspired from the Hindu Deity Hanuman who is also famous as Maruti. The final pose of this asana appears same as the position that was often followed by Maruti, the Hindu Deity.

This yoga pose is easier to perform; even beginners can practice it with ease. However, it is good to start under the supervision of expert trainers. The best time to perform this asana is early in the morning when your stomach and bowels are empty. Prefer to maintain a gap of almost 4 to 6 hours between last meal and asana practice.

This asana can be practiced by women as well as men and it can ensure impactful results for the long run. Most of the experts reveal that this pose is capable enough to circulate positive energy in your body. That energy can help you to redefine your lifestyle and you will be able to have more joy in life.


Stand erect and keep your legs close to each other. Now move your left leg around one and a half foot towards the rear, stand on your left feet and bend your right knee forward. Clench your fist, bend your elbows and tighten your muscles and nerves of the neck. Inhale as much as possible and expand your chest. Stay in this position for two minutes and then rest your body for about a minute.

Now repeat the process by moving back your right leg and with left leg in the front.

After relaxing for a minute after each session, repeat the exercise for a total of two or four times.

This asana is also known as Maruti Asana.

Benefits of Mahavirasana :

Mahavirasana helps to expand the chest and at the same time strengthens the lungs and the shoulders. Regular practice of this asana rectifies deformed legs. This asana makes the throat, wind pipe and the air-sacs of the lungs very powerful; it assists in distributing purified blood to every part of the body which in turns keeps you lively and cheerful. Mahavirasana improves digestion and increases your appetite. This asana helps you to reduce your stomach and fortifies the muscles of the upper-arms and the thighs. This asana is the best exercise to keep oneself energetic and active.

Additional Benefits of Mahavirasana:

  • This yoga pose is capable enough to improve strength and flexibility of the spine. The one who practices Mahavirasana in routine can enjoy great spin health for the long
  • Mahavirasana is observed to be capable enough to improve the flow of energy in your body. It can also increase the connection between body, soul, and mind so that you can perform better in routine life.
  • Those who are suffering from obesity or overweight issues may find Mahavirasana best choice for their needs.
  • It helps to treat lung disease by improving the flow of blood to every part of the body.
  • If you are facing some sex-related issues, try to perform Mahavirasana in routine. It can help you to improve sexual performance.
  • Ladies that are already in trouble due to the improper cycle of menstruation can perform this asana to improve the cycle.
  • Mahavirasana is capable enough to boost focus and concentration in the practitioner.
  • This asana targets hands, arms, and legs as major muscles. You can enjoy more flexibility for all body parts after performing this asana.
  • In case if you are interested to make your chest much stronger but don’t want to store few pounds at belly area are advised to perform this asana in routine.

This asana is not suitable for pregnant ladies as well as to those who are menstruating. If you have a certain physical issue, prefer to contact professionals before you begin practice pm session.              

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