Kukkutasana (Cock Pose)

Kukkutasana is a Sanskrit word that is made up of a combination of two words as Kukkut means Rooster and Asana mean Pose. Hence, it is also referred to as Rooster Pose or Cock Pose. You can find details about this asana in ancient Yoga writings as Gheranda Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. Beginners may find this yoga pose quite complicated. It must be practiced only after building strength for arms.

If you are searching for some yoga poses to boost your flexibility and strength, this posture may provide great help. But in order to do this asana, a person may need lots of willpower. In order to become able to do this asana, you must start by practicing Padmasana for the long run. This pre=practice will help your body to become flexible and hips will open up. The person needs to have strong arms to become able to handle body weight in the mid-air. Also, you have to power up your chest, abdomen, and shoulders to go through this pose. As soon as you come into this pose, it becomes much important to keep your focus and concentration well tuned to what you are doing. Most people find it quite difficult to maintain focus during this asana.

Experts advise maintaining a continuous focus on life energy. Prefer to maintain control on breathing ability and turn your entire focus inwards by concentrating on Dhyana. This asana is capable enough to train and strengthen your body as well as the mind.


Sit in Padmasana. Place your hands in the triangular gap available on the sides of the crossed legs. Move all of your body-weight on your hands and lift your body above the ground.

Remain in this position for as long as possible. You can however remain in this position for around fifteen to thirty seconds. After few days, you can increase the time to two minutes.

Precautions for performing Kukkutasana:

This asana is not for beginners; only advance level yoga practitioners can do it. The best time to do this asana is early in the morning with empty bowel and stomach.  The desired gap between practice and meal is somewhere between 4 and 6 hours. Those who are already suffering from some heart issues, gastric ulcers, enlarged spleen are advised to avoid this asana. If you are trying to perform this yoga asana for the very first time, prefer to take help from an experienced trainer.

Although this asana offers unlimited health benefits, still there are few medical conditions that do not allow practicing Kukkutasana. People that are too fat and cannot handle their body weight on arms should not practice Kukkutasana. If you have some pain in your legs, thighs, hands or arms, do not practice this asana as it can worsen your medical health condition.

Benefits of Kukutasana :

Kukutasana strengthens the muscles of the hands and helps in keeping oneself away from weakness and impairment in the nerves and veins of your hands. This asana makes your upper-arms, shoulders and hands strong and slender. Kukutasana reduces cellulite on the hands and thereby makes more swift and vigorous. It keeps away the problems of the hands, shoulders and spine.

The other benefits of Kukutasana are similar as Tulasana.


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