Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Garudasana is a combination of two Sanskrit words: Garuda means Eagle and Asana mean Pose. If you are not able to do heavy exercises to tone your body but want to see instant results for fitness, Garudasana must be your target. This yoga posture is believed to improve mental as well as physical health. This asana does not fall into the category of active exercises but it has a major advantage on health.

The meaning of word Garuda is epic itself. It represents vehicle of Lord Vishnu and is initially known as “all-consuming fire of sun rays”. This yoga pose is quite useful to energize your body for improved performance; however, its major focus areas are hips, lower back, and legs. This asana is performed by standing on one leg.


Stand erect, lift your left leg and wind it around your right leg; cross your hands and hold them in namaskara position. Remember that in namaskara position, the outside of your palms are touching each other.

Remain in this position for around one minute, and then repeat the asana with while standing on the other leg. Repeat the above process for five times.

Things to know before performing Garudasana:

The best time to practice Garudasana is early morning and it is good to maintain a gap of around 10 to 12 hours between a meal and this yoga pose. In case if you are suffering from some elbow, knee or ankle injury, it is good to avoid Garudasana. This asana is also not suitable for pregnant ladies.

While performing Garudasana yoga, it is important to feel constricted. As long as you stay in this pose, the body will feel like riding in the wind, same as an eagle. This flow of energy help person to develop a stable and steady character and he/she stays active to face any challenging situation in life. This asana must be performed with great courage and an open mind; otherwise, you may lose the balance. It can maintain a constant flow of energy through your mind and body so that health can be improved.

Benefits of Garudasana :

Garudasana makes your spine flexible and your back reduces its size. The legs and arms become muscular and strong. This asana reduces back-ache, assists in keeping problem of hernia and arthritis away; and keeps the scrotum healthy.

When in Garudasana, keep your eyes closed and focus on your Ishtdev (deity of your choice) to increase your concentration power.

Additional Benefits of Garudasana:

  • It helps to recover the neuromuscular coordination while improving the sense of body balance
  • Garudasana yoga is capable enough to boost suppleness in the body by stretching hips, thighs, upper back and shoulders
  • This asana is useful to treat urinary problems
  • It can correct postural faults and body structure
  • This yoga pose is used to treat low backbone, sciatica, and asthma-like troubles
  • It improves the strength of core muscles and inspires calmness
  • Garudasana is useful for students as it improves focus and concentration
  • Experts recommend this asana for treatment of prostate diseases and kidney related issues
  • Those who face toughness in shoulders must practice this pose in routine
  • It strengthens calves, feet, legs, and ankles

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