Garbhasana is a combination of two Sanskrit words as Garbha means fetus and Asana means pose. That is why Garbhasana is also known as Fetus Pose Yoga or Embryo Pose Yoga. This asana is considered to be capable enough to bring a person back to the relaxing and original state of mind that is experienced earlier by everyone in mother’s womb.  It forces the subconscious mind to preserve the memories of that precious time when we were free from all worries in mother’s womb. The person who practices this yoga asana in routine can switch to the calming and cool state of mind. Also, it helps to release pressure on the spine while stretching all muscles of the body. Experts prefer to use this pose as a warm-up pose, counterpose or resting pose for backbends.


Sit in Padmasana, then as in Kukutasana, put your hands in the gaps formed in your thighs then with your right hand hold your right ear and with left hand hold your left ear. Stay in this position for one to five minutes.

Note: This is a little difficult asana. But with regular practice of Kukutasana, Garbhasana proves to be easy.

Benefits of Garbhasana :

Garbhasana makes your spine flexible and strong. All the disorders of the internal cells and muscles are eliminated. It activates the digestive enzymes. Each and every part of the body becomes flexible and vigorous. It removes the stiffness of the muscles and nerves; also regulates the functions of the spleen and the liver. Reduces the chances of experiencing lethargy, increases appetite and lessens the risk of nervous disorder.

How Garbhasana can improve your overall health?

Like other yoga poses, Garbhasana also leads so many amazing health benefits. The great news is that this exercise focuses on overall health development as it works by improving the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Here are few details about how effectively this yoga pose can improve your health:

  • Treats nervous disorders:

Garbhasana is recommended for all those who are suffering from any kind of nervous disorders; it can boost performance with a brain calming action.

  • Toning of abdominal organs:

In case if you feel too much-unwanted fat in your belly area, this exercise can help in accurate toning. While boosting the fat loss process, it also enhances the activity of abdominal organs.

  • Improves digestion:

Once you learn to execute fetus pose, you can get rid of all digestive system related issues. It can increase your appetite and can also prevent constipation.

  • Better balance:

This exercise is also about balancing all body parts. As soon as you master this pose, you can enjoy improvement in body balance. It helps to reconnect body and mind to perform better in routines.

  • Calming action:

If you often keep on suffering from stress and anxiety, Garbhasana is the best treatment for you. It can easily improve the functioning of adrenal glands so that person can have better control of mind and suffers lesser agitation.

With all such benefits, we can say that Garbhasana simply makes your life happy and leads a journey towards satisfaction. Beginners may find this pose difficult to execute, it is good to take help from professionals to

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