Dwihast Bhujasana

Dwihast Bhujasana

Dwihast Bhujasana (Hooded Snake)

The name Bhujasana is related to the hood of a snake. Some people also call it as Cobra pose or hooded snake pose. The shape of the person while performing dwihast-bhujasana appears like a cobra with its hood raised.

This yoga pose helps to open up the neck and shoulders of the person while strengthening chest and shoulder muscles. It can also improve the strength of arms and is believed to work effectively against constipation symptoms. This yoga pose is considered to be significantly helpful for treating abdomen, neck, and back related problems. One who practices this yoga pose in routine can achieve a calming state of mind while getting rid of anxiety and stress. This yoga pose is also an essential part of the Surya Namaskar.


Stand erect and maintain a gap of one and a half foot between your legs. Now, place your hands in between your legs. The thumbs of the both hands must remain close to each other. It is best if the thumbs are able to touch each other. In this position the knees will bend on own. Now lift your left leg up on your left elbow and right leg up on your right elbow; in this manner the legs remain above the ground and close to each other. Hence, now the entire body weight falls on the arms and palms.

Remain in this position for as long as possible, then get back to the base position and relax for about two minutes and repeat the asana. This asana can be repeated for four times.

Note: Some hold their breath when they reach the last step and release their breath when coming back to the original position. This asana is tricky to do in the initial days but with daily practice, it will not be difficult.


Dwihast Bhujasana strengthens your arms. This asana keeps away the problems of the spine, the cervix, brain and the neural network. The entire body becomes slender. This asana has proved effective on digestive system and it increases your appetite. The body parts above the waist fortify.

Additional Benefits of dwihast-bhujasana:

  • Dwihast-Bhujasana is considered to be effective enough for thyroid and parathyroid glands. It helps in soothing and stretching of glands so that symptoms of thyroid can be prevented.
  • This yoga pose also plays an essential role in kidney health improvement. It helps to take away the stagnant blood by gently pressing the kidneys so that a fresh supply of blood can be regulated.
  • This asana is proven beneficial for the treatment of back pain. It works by stretching the spinal regional while loosening the surrounding muscles in the vertebral column. Experts consider it best posture for a healthy
  • Those who are suffering from asthma will find this yoga pose powerful enough to get rid of all troubles. It assists in chest expansion and also stretches the internal lung region so that respiratory congestion and asthmatic attacks can be avoided.
  • People who practice Dwihast-Bhujasana in routine are able to maintain good digestion because it helps to improve secretion of gastric juices. It also improves the health of abdominal organs such as gallbladder, pancreas, and
  • Patients suffering from sciatica pain are advised to practice Dwihast-Bhujasana in routine. It can reduce the pain as well as can treat the trouble for a lifetime.
  • Dwihast-Bhujasana is also capable enough to treat anxiety and stress. It works to improve the strength of adrenal glands that are located above kidneys. Hormones produced by these glands help to improve the health of mind and body by reliving tensions.
  • People who are suffering pain due to slipped disc problem can also practice Dwihast-Bhujasana to get fast relief.
  • This yoga pose is also considered effective enough for stimulation of Kundalini power.

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