This asana is also called as Sarpasana or Sarpmudra .

Instructions:  Lie down on your stomach on the floor. Place your hands, palms facing down on the floor, parallel to your body and under your shoulders. The fingers should be close to each other, and the finger tips should be in line with the shoulders. Your bended elbows must be close to your torso. Rest your head on your left or right cheek, bring your heels together and place your toes flat on the floor; then turn your head and look straight while resting your chin on the floor. Lift your head and neck towards your back, simultaneously raise your chest and inhale. The navel should always touch or be close to the floor surface. All this time keep your legs aligned and straight.

                           Move your head upwards until you find that your navel is not touching the surface and do not breathe, keep your body straight, elbows should be bended and keep them close to your torso. Maintain this posture for six to eight seconds.  Now, bring your head towards the floor, and all this while, continue exhaling slowly. The time taken in order to bring your head down to the floor should be equivalent to the time of whole exhaling process.

Thereafter, turn your head on your right and rest it on your right cheek.  While exhaling, and returning to the original position, your body should be free and not rigid. Now, rest for six to eight seconds.

As described above, repeat this complete process for five times.

Important:  Sometimes, it happens that a few people do not keep their feet flat on the floor when they are lifting their body upwards, and instead they only allow their toes to touch the floor.

In the initial few days, this asana should be performed only three times. Later, this asana can be performed for five times.

Benefits:  Bhujangasana is beneficial to both, men and women. This asana proves helpful in characteristics and physical well-being. This asana assists in creating a dauntless, courageous and a bold individual. This is Bhujangasana’s characteristics advantage.

This asana improves functionality and sturdiness of the neck, chest, face and the head. This asana enhances the efficiency especially of the upper elements of the human body. Bhujangasana loosens up the spine and boost its flexibility and is also an excellent yoga exercise to get relief from many stomach ailments thereby increasing appetite. This yoga exercise increases your stamina and keeps you cheerful and full of spirit. Practicing Bhujangasana on a daily basis assists in keeping oneself far away from complaints of constipation, flatulence, nightfall, indigestion and many other ailments. It strengthens your cognitive senses, fights obesity and promotes blood circulation. It regulates poor bladder habits and decreases chances of liver ailments. For women, it fortifies ovaries and uterus and alleviates other gynaecological disorders of leucorrhea, menstrual pain, excess or minimal bleeding during menstruation and regularizes the process. It helps in bringing back the natural glow of you face. However, pregnant women should avoid this asana.

Of all the other yoga exercises practiced on a daily basis, Bhujangasana is considered to be the most favourable and effective. This asana is effortless and not complex to accomplish, and hence can be pulled off by every men and women of any age.

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