Bhringasana (Bee Pose)

Most of the people in this world are facing issues with their digestive system and sadly it further leads to so many dangerous health problems. However, you may find so many medications on the market to treat those diseases but the best idea is to practice Yoga to remove the main cause of all health issues. Once you are able to improve the function of your digestive system, it can naturally improve your overall physical and mental well being. Yoga has many powerful practices that can improve the overall health of human body. Those who are in search of an effective solution for digestive system issues will find Bhringasana as most impactful treatment.

The name Bhringasana is derived from Sanskrit language and it is a combination of two words as Bhring + Asana where Bhring means Bee and Asana mean Pose. Hence, this asana is popularly known as Bee Pose. It not only works to improve your digestive system but at the same time, it boosts integrity between soul, body, and mind so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The best thing to know about Bhringasana is that it is quite easier to perform. Even beginners can practice this pose with ease.


Bend your knees with your feet facing backwards and sit on the floor. Rest your left hip on your left feet and right hip on your right feet and lie down on the floor with the support of your feet. Remember to keep your both feets close to each other.
Continue taking deep breathes and bend forward and keep your elbows between your knees. Your forearms must be placed on the floor and fingers close to each other.
Remain in this position as long as possible, but exhale when getting back to the original position i.e. sitting on your folded legs. Repeat this asana for around five to ten times.

Things to know before performing Bhringasana:

Most preferably, Bhringasana must be performed in the morning hours when you have calm and relaxing state of mind. Prefer to sit in the cool and fresh environment to ensure best results from this yoga pose. Note that, before practicing Bhringasana, you need to practice Vajrasana as it serves as a base for Bee Pose. This pose can be practiced two to three times. It will make your stomach feel relaxed and lighter while circulating a positive energy to the whole body.

In case if you are suffering from ankle or knee injuries, it is good to avoid performing this pose until you get relief from pain and your doctor allows you to practice the Yoga session. Those who are suffering from constipation from a long time need to practice this pose in routine as it stimulates the digestive system to work effectively so that bowel movement can be maintained in a normal fashion. Those who are suffering from gastritis and acidity can also find great relief by performing this asana. Note that, when a person have good digestive system and bowels are clean, it naturally radiates a positive and refreshing energy to the whole body and one can enjoy a happy mood all the time.

Benefits of Bhringasana :

Bhringasana keeps your legs, upper-arms and shoulders from weakening. It makes your stomach lighter. It influences the process of urination, activates digestive system which increases your appetite. This asana reduces the probability of flatulence, constipation and other abdominal disorders.

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