Baddh Padmasana

Baddh Padmasana

At the outset, get into Padmasana position and move your right hand behind your back and slowly try to hold your left leg toe, similarly, move your left hand behind your back and slowly try to hold your right leg toe. Thereafter, close your eyes, and concentrate on the spot right in the centre of both brows and meditate. Repeat this process for two to five minutes.

Tips:  In the aforementioned asana, for the initial few days you will find it very tough to hold the toe with your hand, but gradually with regular practice, it will become effortless.

Benefits:  This asana stretches your chest, regulates thyroid gland , in addition it also enhances flexibility of hands, neck, shoulders, back, thighs and ankles muscles. It also helps overcome physical disability along with reducing pain from the knees, shoulders and back.

This is a perfect asana to get rid away of physical stress and weariness caused by sedentary jobs which do not involve much physical activity.

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