Ananda-Madirasana (Intoxicating bliss pose)

Once you have practiced vajarasana, it is time to move ahead to start with Ananda Madirasana. In Sanskrit language, Ananda means Intoxicating, Madira stands for Bliss and Asana stands for Pose. Hence, this pose is also known as Intoxicating Bliss Pose.

This pose is believed to provide calmness and relaxation to mind and helps practitioners to get prepared for the spiritual practices in terms of meditation and yoga etc. While performing this asana, beginners need to focus on the physical sensation first. Once you are successful to focus your body on physical senses, next one should start concentrating on breathing process. When you are able to receive enough relaxation with basic focus, then it is time to move to the higher level by focusing on eyebrow center that is also called as Ajna Chakra in Spiritual terms. Note that, Ananda Madirasana is often recommended as an alternative pose to the advanced meditation postures.

Things to know before performing Ananda Madirasana:

This yoga pose starts with vajarasana but in case if you have knee pain, it is good to put a pillow to create a base for knees so that you can sit comfortably. Those who are suffering from ankle pain are advised to use a pillow to support ankle region so that they can sit comfortably in this posture for a long time.

While performing Ananda Madirasana, the practitioner needs to place the palms above the heels while pointing fingers towards each other. Make sure that your spine and head are upright. In the final pose of this asana, close your eyes and start deep breathing while focusing on the eyebrow center. Name of this pose is Bhrumadhya. In case if you feel some heaviness on the forehead, try to look straight with closed eyes. While practicing Ananda Madirasana, prefer to keep your breath slow and deep.


Sit in Vajarasana and keep your hands on your heels. Upper arms must be straight and palms should be facing down. Your back and neck should be erect and fix your attention at the centre of your eyebrows.

You can perform this asana at anytime and for desirable amount of time. Ananda-Madirasana is risk-free in all position. Although continuing this asana for five minutes is adequate.

Benefits of Ananda-Madirasana:

Ananda-Madirasana keeps anxiety and irritation away. This asana helps to find happiness within you, rejuvenates you, relaxes the nervous system and provides mental peace. This asana helps you to focus on your Ajna chakra, intuition, self-inspiration, self-control and inner vision. Ananda-Madirasana helps to control anger and excess sexual urges. Ananda-Madirasana helps to control impatience and fickleness of the mind and soul. If this exercise is done last, after all the other yoga’s, it helps to relax better.

Additional Benefits of Ananda Madirasana:

  • This asana is capable enough to calm the nervous system and ease the stress in mind.
  • Ananda Madirasana is preferred by yogis who want to practice for the awakening of Ajna
  • It develops strength in the back portion of the body.
  • Experts reveal that this asana is useful for those who are in trouble due to digestive system issues such as peptic ulcer, hyperacidity, and constipation etc.
  • This asana is capable enough to boost the state of stillness so that person can perform better for meditation.
  • Ananda Madirasana is beneficial for the health of reproductive system organs.

Important Tip: This asana is also popular as Anandasana or Madirasana.

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