What is Yoga?

Stay Healthy Stay fit, Start Practicing Yoga

 What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of principles and practices, was invented in India more than 2500 years ago, when the ancient Rishis used to teach this Yoga and its versions to their disciples when they came to ‘Gurukul’. Yoga helps you to stay healthy and fit. By practicing Yoga every day, you will be able to keep your nerves, blood circulation active. It has many benefits and history too. Yoga is a
system that is designed to cultivate health and happiness. In this article I am sharing these benefits and history with you, briefly. Hope it will help you to get a clear idea about the YOGA.

The history of Yoga is based throughout the epoch of the Indus Valley civilization. The yoga exercise and philosophies are practice by the Indus to instigate spiritual growth and awareness. The yogis promote inner unification with the finished Jiva or transitory self and with the infinite Brahman or eternal self. Brahman is a name utilized by the Hindus to mean God. Yogis usually believe that God coexists with all of reality, manifesting itself to all living things to breathe life, from humans to flora and fauna. This belief is called pantheism that is the view that everything is God.

Yoga views man’s problem and suffering with regards to ignorance. Human begins simply bound themselves to materialistic things and forgetting to serve God, the origin of all things. That is why humans need lighting or an experience of union with God. Earliest archeological evidence indicated Yoga’s existence and is available in engraved stone seals which illustrate figures of yoga positions. The stone depict yoga’s existence dating around 3000 B.C. Nevertheless, archaeologists and scholars, various reasons to suppose that yoga existed long before that and traced its origin in Stone Age Shamanism. Both shamanism and yoga have comparable characteristics predominantly in their efforts to polish the human condition during that time, both methods aspire to treat community members and the practitioners act as chief religious brokers or gurus. Numerous steatite seals were unearthed at Indus Valley Civilization sites depicting figures in a certain yoga position. These meditations like postures are forms of ritual discipline, signifying an originator of yoga. There are particular figures which were found in the heart of Mature Harappan relics that show Harappan devotion to ritual discipline and focus and that the yoga poses can have been utilized by both humans and their deities. Some type of link between the Indus Valley seals and later yoga and meditation practices is backed by numerous other researchers.

These archaeology discoveries allow individuals to cogitate with a few real valid reason that a wide range of Yoga activities was already accepted by pre- Aryan people of Indian people. A seal recently revealed in the Cholistan desert evidently depicts a Yogi. The puzzling Indus Valley seal images display figures in a position known in hatha yoga as Mulabhandasana. The most commonly known of those images was named the Pashupati seal by John Marshall, who discovered the artifact and who believed that it represented a Proto Shiva figure. The genesis of the 200 scriptures Upanishads describes the interior vision of reality ensuing from Brahman devotion. The Upanishads further clarify the teachings of the Vedas.

Yoga has been around for almost two millenniums and has evolved progressively into various forms. People practice different types of yoga based on their needs. The main objective of yoga is to bring about a balance between the body and the mind of a person. Even when only the physical branch of yoga is considered, numerous different styles exist today, from the traditional to the trademarked Bikram style. The Bhagavad Gita, a text dating from the first few hundreds of years BCE and considered the definitive source of Hindu philosophy, mentions four branches of yoga. Bhakti Yoga is the worship of a deity and Raja yoga is meditation.

The style of yoga most familiar to those in the Western world, consisting in asana practice of asanas or poses to be able to reach a meditative state, is a middle ages development of Raja Yoga Known as Hatha yoga. The basic form of yoga is the Hatha yoga that improves the physical facet of a person and is also recommended by the physicians as physiotherapy. Hot Yoga is a series of 26 postures conducted over 90 minutes in a heated room heated to 105F. The Hot Yoga class begins with a breathing exercise to warm-up, and then goes through 24 asanas ending with a toxin eliminating breathing posture.

Karma Yoga is a practical application of yoga where the emphasis is on the deeds of a person. Jnana Yoga can be cited as the most difficult form of yoga as it’s directly related to the intellectual face of a person. Raja Yoga is another form of yoga that’s closely linked with the Hatha Yoga. Once an individual becomes familiar with it and has accumulated some proficiency in performance the asans and pranayamas, this acts as a prerequisite to move to a high level, that’s the Raja Yoga that is a more classical form of yoga that allows an individual to prepare himself for meditation for a longer period of time.

Bikram Yoga can be cited as the mist difficult form of yoga as it’s directly related to the intellectual face of a person. Vinysas yoga links breath to movement and consists of a flowing series of poses utilizing the practitioner’s natural breath as a guide. Ashtanfa yoga is a fast paced, physically challenging form of yoga. Kudalini yoga is practiced with the goal of awakening energy stored in the pelvis area.

Benefits of practicing Yoga: 21st June is the International Yoga day, which is celebrated by the whole world every year since 2015. Actually Yoga not only enhances your physical strength but also improve your mental health. Practicing yoga stimulate your spiritual growth. When you start to practicing yoga, your lifestyle will totally changed as yoga has a long term benefit.

  • Yoga means you have to learn its posture and these postures makes your spine strong and erect.
  • The main or basic thing about Yoga is the inhale and exhale part, it really controls and improves your blood circulation.
  • The best part is yoga makes your bone strong enough, that’s why all the athletes believe in practicing yoga much more than the gym equipment.
  • This is the only exercise which can cure every kind of disease, like diabetes, cough and cold, headache, stomach pain also helps you to improve your digestion power.
  • Yoga has a great benefits for kids also, that’s why some well-known school includes YOGA in their syllabus.
  • Now a day doctors also prescribes yoga for the pregnant woman, so that during the labor there will not be any complication for the baby and the mother.
  • Diet doesn’t make you slim or pretty enough, but this yoga can do this, yes there are some asanas which will help you to keep your skin glowing, also improves your eye vision clear, yoga also can reduce hair fall problem, yes, it has that power to do that, so you don’t need to invest a huge buck in some expensive medicines.
  • Yoga can get relief from any kind of pain. Practicing yoga eases your pain.
  • Yoga also able to keep your heart and lung healthy.


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