Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Instructions: Stand straight and raise your hands forward in mid-air. The palms should face down on the floor. Now slowly bend your knees forward and sit on your feet. Remember to not allow your heels to be on the ground and that you sit only on your feet- this is a very important step. Stay in this position for around a minute, hold out your hands in the same position; now lower down your heel on the floor and rise up and stand on your legs.

Repeat this yoga exercise for five to ten times.

Benefits: This is a very effortless and beneficial asana. It is beneficial for women too. With this asana you can remain immune to indigestion, disinterest, afara, constipation and other stomach disorders. It also strengthens the spine; arthritis, sciatica and other leg problems are eliminated. The body remains energized at all times and your appetite increases. Since the legs are reinforced by this asana, you do not experience any difficulty in walking and running.

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