Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Instructions: Stand erect. Maintain some distance between your legs. The hands must be kept straight. Now, bend your spine in such manner that the body above the waist bend on your right. Lift your left hand up and bend in the right along with your upper-body; and push your right hand down toward your ankle.

Remain in this position for around a minute. Thereafter repeat the exercise for the left side. Repeat the entire exercise for around ten times.

Benefits: Trikonasana is a very simple exercise which even women can do without difficulty. The entire body becomes slender and also reinforces the spine. The waist, spine and the neck become slender. The chest expands and reduces the size of your waist. It helps reduce obesity and unwanted fat stored in the body.

By doing this asana one does not suffer from back-ache and other climate related illnesses such as cold and cough.


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