Instructions: Sit down on the floor and spread your legs forward. Lift your knees together, place your toes of the left leg on the right thigh and press them between your armpit and the thigh. Slide your right arm under the right knee and left arm under the left knee and inhale slowly. Thereafter apply pressure on the right knee by your right arm and lift the leg up, simultaneously push the right leg on the right arm. In this manner, apply pressure from both the sides. Then hold your breath and stay in the position for as long as possible. When you can no longer hold your breath, bring your hands and legs to their original position.

Thereafter repeat the exercise with left leg and left arm. You can repeat this asana for three times. Initially it is going to be little difficult to accomplish the final position, however with regular practice it becomes very easy.

Benefits: Pranaasan strengthens the lobes of the lungs. The arms and legs become muscular. It positively influences the mental condition. Diseases of the heart are eliminated and the asana assists in making the body energised and active. The problems of heavy breathings, cold, cough, bronchitis and asthma are reduced.

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