Karn-Pidasana (Ear pressing Pose)

Instructions: Lie down on the floor on your back. Keep your arms and knees firm on the floor. The fingers must close together. Lift your legs above the ground. Maintain the feet and legs close to each other. Now bend your knees and bring them near your ears in such manner that your left knee touches the left ear and right leg touches the right ear. Thereafter lower your legs further and touch the floor with your feet. The hands must remain rigid on the floor. Repeat this exercise for about five times.

Initially it is going to be little difficult to remain in this position, however with regular practice it becomes very easy to balance.

Benefits: Karn-Pidasana makes the nervous system strong and vigorous. By doing this asana the Sushumna Nadi is stimulated and as a result each and every part of the body is conscious. The entire body is energized, revived and is activated.


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